Exhibitor/Sponsor Cancellation Policy:

All requests for cancellation should be sent to: [email protected]

The receipt of the cancellation request must be verified by INCM before it can be processed.  If you do not receive a response within 3 business days, please call 855.933.6466 ext 702

In all cancellation refund request situations, the non-refundable application fee of $250 paid upon application is not refunded.

Provider Cancellation Policy:

Providers who cancel will be required to settle outstanding payments before refund requests will be considered. INCM will recoup any costs incurred on behalf of the Provider before refund requests will be considered. Providers who cancel after December 1, 2024, will be responsible to pay INCM 100% of their agreement obligation. In addition, the Provider will be required to pay INCM for expenses and administrative costs incurred on behalf of the Provider. Because administrative costs can be difficult to calculate, administrative costs will be calculated as 25% of the combined total of the Provider Package Base Price plus Provider Requested Add-On Items. 

In addition to the payment of the full agreement package price, reimbursement of costs incurred on behalf of the Provider, and payment of administrative costs to INCM, Providers who cancel after the December 1, 2024 deadline will be excluded from participating in future CPC events and marketing. For how long will be determined at the time of cancellation by the INCM Executive Team. 

Providers who cancel after the December 1, 2024 deadline who are participating in INCM Partnerships will owe INCM the cost of a full event-related Bronze package with equivalent Provider Requested Add-Ons and will forfeit any member discount benefits. All other event-related cancellation policies and fees apply.

Cancellation Policy Details:

To begin the cancellation process, INCM must receive a written notice from the Provider requesting a cancellation before the dates listed below.

  • Before October 1, 2024, Provider may receive a refund minus the non-refundable deposit of $250 and an admin fee of $200 
  • Before November 15, 2024, Provider may receive a refund of 50% of the total Provider package cost 
  • Before December 1, 2024, Provider may receive a refund of 25% of the total Provider package cost 
  • After December 1, 2024, no refund requests are accepted
  • Provider Requested Add-On items (items not included in the basic Provider package) will receive a refund of 75% until the deadline date specified for that item. No refunds will be given after the item-specific deadline date.

Canceled Providers are prohibited from participating in CPC unless additional terms and conditions are outlined with INCM Staff.  

In the event that INCM cancels CPC: 

  • Provider agrees to participate in either an alternative online event or digital experience. INCM and Provider will reconvene to discuss the level of Provider’s involvement in that experience at the time of cancellation and will be based on the level of Provider’s commitment to CPC. A refund or deferment of benefits will be mutually agreed upon by both parties as needed based on the level of commitment by the Provider to CPC. An Addendum document will be required to be signed by both parties in this case. 

Force Majeure: If CPC is canceled due to circumstances beyond either party’s reasonable control (such as an act of God, act of war, governmental emergency, labor strike, or unavailability of the conference facility), which makes it illegal or impossible to perform, INCM shall refund each Provider the booth space fee previously paid, minus a share of cost and expenses incurred in full satisfaction of all liabilities and without penalty of an administrative fee.

Terms and Conditions- INCM: 

  • reserves the right to accept or reject any Organization’s application. 
  • reserves the right to remove any Exhibitor/Sponsor who fails to abide by the above terms and conditions, or fails to honor INCM’s Mission, Vision, Values and Audience Disclaimer. 

(Note: Additional terms and conditions may be specified within your Agreement. Check Agreement for details if applicable.)