Organizational Membership Terms & Conditions


Organizational Membership is measured in months. The standard membership term is (12) consecutive months which begins on the date payment is received by the International Network of Children’s Ministry (INCM). 

Organizational Membership will be reviewed at the end of the (12) month period. If the Organization has passed the qualifications, its membership will be renewed. 


To qualify for membership, an organization must agree to the following qualifications:

  • Complete an application or have been vetted by the INCM team to participate as a Resource Provider at the Children’s Pastor’s Conference (CPC) within the last (12) months
  • Pass the review process
  • Affirm INCM’s statement of faith
  • Abide by the INCM audience disclaimer

Additional requirements of a Partner-Level Organizational Membership Include:

  • Participation in all three disciplines of INCM: Training, Resources, and Community both physically and online


Organizational Member fees are a simple, flat rate based on membership level participation. There are (3) Organizational Membership Levels to choose from. 

Member structure:

  • Friend of INCM
  • Resource Champion 
  • INCM Partner

Termination Policy

An Organizational Membership shall terminate and the Organization forfeits any refund if: 

  • the Organization does not pay the amount owed to INCM upon approval of their application
  • the Organization does not continue to meet the eligibility requirements at the end of the (12) month period
  • the member does not continue to abide by INCM’s Statement of Faith or audience disclaimer 
  • the member has violated any of the terms or conditions in this agreement
  • If the Organization chooses to terminate before fulfilling the entire (12) month period, 
    • The Partner level Organization’s ability to have a booth at CPC will be revoked and the Organization will need to reapply.

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